For centuries, far-reaching secret organisations have investigated, battled, and contained unconventional threats from across the cosmos.


Their exploits have been secreted away in myth; their failures consigned to disaster.


When the threats from within and without became too great for any one organization, the Mythic Protocol was created to counter and codify the increasing threats of the unknown.


The persons, places, or things that are inherently unexplainable.

They are the stuff of legend, myth, and folklore. The sort of nightmare and fantasy many would prefer to remain within the confines of fiction, lest one’s modern sensibility be shaken. Whatever your beliefs may be, these Mythics are the threats and challenges faced by the Mythic Protocol on a daily basis.


The men and women employed into the many organizations, departments, and functions of the Mythic Protocol. They exist in the light and shadows of our world. They are your neighbours, your colleagues, your friends. They are the men and women who stare unflinchingly into the unknown and codify its horrors as “Mythic.”


While the Mythic Protocol now consolidates them, history has been shaped by four secret societies. Each offering unique perspectives, expertise, and utility within the Protocol, the great organizations of the Emporium, Naga, Maledictum, and Interregnum continue to pursue their individual agendas within the Mythic underworld.